Dude sitting on the table he shouldn't be sitting on :)


Meet the sweet and adorable Chauncie, our foster dog, soon to be our newly adopted dog!  Isn't he fabulous?  He's so sweet and quiet and very calm.  The perfect dog!


Tonight Brian and I went to a charity event called Drops Fill the Bucket.  This particular organization picks a worthy non-profit each year and raises money for it.  It's doing great things and Brian and I were excited to attend the event (not to mention get a night out!).

This is the only picture I took tonight.  Brian enjoying the music!


Dude and his truck!


My new adventure!


Dude loves the iPad.  He's so serious about it!


Just posing for mommy again!


Tonight Erin and Stew came over for some awesome stuffed shells and some Wii. We played some Just Dance and Annika had so much fun. She was so cute!


Just chillin' after nap, eating candy hearts :)


Today hit almost 55 degrees, can you even believe it? So, we spend almost 1 1/2 hours playing outside this afternoon. The kids loved it, I loved it. It was wonderful.

Sarge loves being outside too!

Sassy McSasserson!



Cupcake fun!


Every Monday and Tuesday night Brian has class for his MBA, leaving me and the kiddos to fend for ourselves :( It's a great chance for Mol and I to get together with the kids. The kids love playing and Mol and I like to chat! It's a win win. We feed the kids dinner and they play. Today we gave the kids a bath together which was surely entertaining! I didn't get any pics though :(

4/5 coloring on the toy bench. 

Molly teaching Annika how to make a paper airplane.


Today is Valentine's Day! Bennett and Bianca had their card exchange at school today, as did Annika. Annika also got to have a sock hop that we all got to attend. It was fun watching all the kids dance and have a great time. I only wish I could have dressed Annika up in a 50's outfit. I felt bad she didn't have anything special to wear :( Next year we will have our neighbor make something since she so graciously offered!

Annika hugging her best friend.  How sweet!  

Hula hooping!

Bianca got in on the fun too!

After school, Grandma Jodi came over to deliver vday goodies from her and aunt Cheryl.  Cheryl included some silly bandz rings and Annika had to put every one on.  Silly!

Grandma and Bud.  So cute!

Happy Valentines my little loves.


Today we spent the afternoon up at the lake to celebrate Kristi's birthday. We watched home videos of family vacations and the kids, drank some wine, ate a great dinner and celebrated Kristi. It was a wonderful night.

Love this shot, daddy's are so strong.

Bianca got tired and almost fell asleep on daddy.


On Saturday Brian and I took the kids on a little staycation at a local Embassy Suites. We checked in around 4 and hit up the pool and hot tub. The kids had a blast swimming and splashing around. Then we headed up to get ready for the complimentary happy hour. Just one of the perks of staying at the Embassy Suites. While getting ready, you could find Bianca and Bennett staring out the window at the hundreds of ducks swimming in an aerated pond. Definitely a sight for sore eyes this winter!

We headed down for some snacks and drinks and met up with Brian's uncle and cousins, who just happened to be staying at the same hotel on the same night!  Great minds think alike I guess. 

Brian taking Bianca's picture!

Beebs chilling at the empty bar! 

 Bennett with cousin Angie. 

Cousin Natalie and Cousin Jake.

After happy hour, we headed out to dinner at a local 50's restaurant. The food was tasty but the service was slow! The kids were definitely antsy which made for a stressful dinner. After dinner we headed back and hit the hay. In the morning we ate the awesome complimentary breakfast (another perk) and headed home! It was a nice staycation.