Playground fun!

Later, we headed to golf and stuff.  We rode the bumper boats.  They were tons of fun.  Bennett was the little devil, he squirted all of us and had complete joy doing so!  Goof.

Since he couldn't ride the go karts (which broke his little heart), he got to ride this:

Bianca wasn't quite big enough either but we talked the guy into it, so here we are!

Funny note from the next morning.  Bennett woke up and told me he was a little bigger and asked if he could ride the go karts yet.  Poor boy!


We headed to Sabino Canyon today and took the trolley up the canyon/mountain area. Talk about pure beauty. We really loved this part of the trip. The sites were awesome and the weather was perfect.

Annika on the way up!

Isn't nature just amazing?

Me on a rock.

We spent some time at the pool later and dude was just chillin'.  He knows how to relax, that's for sure.


Today we headed to Tuscon. We spent some time exploring the grounds. The kids got to feed the giant koi in the koi pond, then we took a nature walk around the grounds and we discovered a waterfall. The hotel, Loew's Ventana Canyon is fabulous, super kid friendly and just all around perfect. The pool was great, the service was phenomenal and we really enjoyed our stay!

Self timer set up, cute though!

The waterfall!  Awesome.

So setup!  He he.


Today was our last day in Scotsdale so we were pretty lazy. We spent a long, long time by the pool then spent some more time with gma and gpa.  We were all pretty tired after dinner so we hit the hay early!


Day 3 of our trip, really the 2nd official day in AZ. We spent the day at the McCormick Train Park then off to the pool to soak in the sun! 

After drying off, we went to pick some oranges and spend some time with the grandparents again.  It was a great day!

Great Grandpa watching 2 generations...

Great Grandma teaching Bianca to putt.


Our first "official" day in Arizona was spent sitting by the pool at Brian's grandparent's place in Scotsdale. The kids had a blast swimming and I had fun getting some sun! It was a really good day. It ended with dinner at CPK with Norb and Lenore. What a wonderful way to start our trip!

Annika being a little monkey in the orange tree!

Of course I had to do a mini photoshoot with the kiddos.  I miss being outside and the light is incredible here!



We took off to Arizona today, our flight was scheduled to leave at 9:30pm, but of course didn't take off until closer to 10pm. The kids were so excited to go. They were ready to hit the road, that's for sure!

Neeks at the airport.

Dude waiting patiently.

Bianca and I got to sit in first class.  She and I loved it!  Can't complain one bit!  She looks pouty here, but she was just ready to take off!

Bennett didn't sleep at all on the plane, this is on the bus to the rental car station.  He was just happy to be on the bus.  This is at about 1 am!