Most afternoons during naptime, you can find Bianca lounging on the big chair watching a show. It's her way of winding down!

A terrible picture, but for some reason I just love it.  Annika in the front, Bennett behind her and Bianca in the back climbing on the couch.  That's our life!


Today it was Bennett's turn in my new studio. He's such a little ham, he did great but got bored very quickly!

His smile melts my heart!  

What a little heartbreaker he'll be!

Yep, he got bored!


It occurred to me today that I take way too many pictures. I have over 277 pictures just from January alone! That is CRAZY! You know what though? I cherish every last one of them! Now I just need to figure out what to do with all of them!

I was testing out some new backdrops again today with Annika and Bianca jumped in there for some super priceless sister shots. I really cherish these ones. These girls are truly best friends and they genuinely laughed the entire time. They love spending time together and I love that about them!


I got some new backdrops from LemonDrop Stop today. I am loving these! It's so fun to add to the collection. And of course, my Bianca was a great little model again!

And Bennett refused to nap so I had to snap some of him too!


Bianca was helping me set up my makeshift studio today and was my little "model". I am so excited to utilize this space and Bianca had fun too!

Nothing cuter than a girl with her umbrella.

She only looks sweet!

Painted nails!

My favorite of the bunch!  Beautiful.

She could be a model!

I love this one too!


You know you take too many pictures when your kids are actually willing (and request) that their picture get taken and then proceed to pose for you.

Just call her Pippy!


Today I took the kids outside to play and they both had a blast in their snow fort daddy built a few weeks ago. I've resolved to get us out of the house on a daily basis to get rid of some of their energy and cut down on the desire to watch tv. Day one: success!


Dude and his "Litnin keen" water bottle. Most of the time he refuses to drink out of anything else! Love this boy!


Last night, Annika was using her teeth to open something and loosened her front tooth quite a bit (big no no!). Well, her second tooth fell out this afternoon. It was bugging her all day and bleeding and it finally wiggled free! She's very excited about the tooth fairy again!

This afternoon, Bianca passed out on the couch listening to her iPod.  I can see my future with a teenage Bianca very vividly!


Bianca's 3rd and final birthday celebration was today with our families. Everyone came to celebrate and it was a great day.

The little 4 year old got an iPod Shuffle from mom and dad. Lucky little lady. It was a huge hit too!

And blowing out 4 candles for the last time this year!  Note the headphones...


Bianca had some of the neighborhood girls over tonight for her "pretend sleepover". We did some jumping on the bouncer, made pizzas, jumped some more, ate candy and chips, ate cupcakes, watched a movie with our jammies on in our sleeping bags and made popcorn. It was a fun-filled night and all the girls had a blast! I'd say the party was a success!

The delicious (and low fat) cupcakes!

The party favors were these cute popcorn containers with a bunch of girly goodies in them!

Bianca chose to lay on the table, weird.

Annika, watching the movie.


Happiest 4th Birthday to the sweetest little lady in town!  I can't believe that my sweet Beebs is 4 already, where has the time gone?  We started the day with presnets, Bianca got her twinkle toes (shoes) she's been dying for.  Then today we had dance class so Bianca got to celebrate there with her little friends, then tonight we went to Red Robin to celebrate.  My mom and dad came along and we enjoyed a nice, loud dinner together.  Bianca really wanted them to sing Happy Birthday to her and when they came out, she suddenly got shy.  I didn't get any pictures of course, forgot the camera!  But, when we got home we all sang to her and she got to blow out a candle.  It was the perfect day to remember the day she was born.  I'm still very nostalgic about the birth of my children and I remember each day like it was yesterday.  Each was so special and unique and I'd do it a million times over again.  I love you Bianca, Happy Birthday sweet girl!

 This shot is totally blurry but I love it anyway!


I snapped Bianca's 4 year old pictures today. I called it quits early since the sun was beating in and the lighting wasn't that great. I had planned to re-do them because I thought they were terrible. However, when I uploaded them I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked them!


Sisters for Life, Best Friends Forever
Author: Linda De Los Reyes

You stick with each other wherever we go.
You have been playmates for as long as you know.
I hope this continues the rest of your lives.
It’s not often one is born with a best friend for life.


Brian brought my car into Lexus today for an oil change and he brought home a mini water that Bennett had to have. He felt like such a big boy with his very own bottle of water. And, Brian thought it was funny that a 2 year old had a bottle of water from Lexus!

And as a funny side note, the manager of pre-owned Lexus' wants to buy my vehicle.  Um, no thanks!  I like my car and my guess is they wouldn't give me enough money to buy a new one.  Strange.