Today Annika and I were chilling in the kitchen and she was clearly bored. I asked if she wanted to scrapbook. She then asked me what that meant and I said, basically you get to put stickers, ribbons, buttons and pictures on paper to make a nice page for a photo album. I had her at stickers :) So I pulled out a few pictures I had printed from her pajama day last week and she went to town. Then Bianca came in from outside and wanted to get in on the action. And of course when Bennett woke up from his nap he wanted to do it too! We were scrappin' fools this afternoon and I have 3 wonderfully handmade pages for my Project Life album. I am thinking I'm going to have the kids do this much more often so that I can have them for the album. I know I will cherish them in the future!

Annika's finished page.  She did a great job!  She's very proud of it!

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Kristi said...

That is so cute!!! I haven't scrapped in 3 years but I decided yesterday that I need to make scrapbooks of all my cats, starting with Pharaoh. It will be a great way to remember him and the others when they go

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