Bianca looking cute and "helping" me get ready for my Norwex party on Sunday.

Awwww, aren't they cute?
All my Norwex goodies!  Love it!

1. Kids cleaning set: dusting mitt, envirocloth, window cloth
2. My stash of envirocloths
3. Laundry Detergent (love this stuff, this bag will last me 500 loads!)
4. Rubber Brush (to clean the dog hair out of the stairs and to clean my mops)
5. Mattress Cleaner (to rid the mattresses and pillows of allergens and dustmites)
6. Descaler (the environmentally friendly version of CLR)
7. Dish Soap (I love this stuff, gets my wine glasses shiny and clean)
8. Spirosponge (for cleaning tough on grease!)
9. Sprinettes (like brillo pads but better)
10. Kitchen Cloth Set (to replace my stinky dish rags, love these!)
11. Window Cloths (combined with my envirocloths, these babies get my windows cleaned in no time flat!)
12. Dryer Balls (eliminates the need for nasty dryer sheets)
13. Wet and dry mop (love this, best invention ever!)
14. Dusting Mitts (so great for quick dusting)
15. Bathroom Scrub Mitt
16. Car Cloth (for Brian)
17. Dish Cloth
OOH, I noticed I missed the body pack, on the lower left hand side.  This stuff rocks.  My face has never been better using just these and water.  I am a walking testimonial!

All the door prizes for my party on Sunday!  Looks like some great stuff!

OK, sharing time is over!

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